August 17, 2020

Press Contact Richard Motta Jr.


Governor Bryan Announces Distribution Of $20 Million in Income Tax Refunds

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS – Governor Albert Bryan Jr. announced Monday that the Virgin Islands Department of Finance has begun distributing $20 million of income tax refunds.

The refunds comprise the rest of the tax refunds owed from 2017 and a portion of those owed from 2018.

“Lt. Governor Roach and I sought this office with the goal of rebuilding trust in the Government of the Virgin Islands. One of the biggest objectives facing the government in that regard is fulfilling its obligations and paying what is owed to workers, vendors, creditors and taxpayers,” Governor Bryan said. “We are especially pleased to have found a way to put this money back into the pockets of hard-working taxpayers despite the impacts of COVID-19 on the economy and public finances.”

This latest distribution of income tax refunds brings the total disbursement to $58 million for the current fiscal year.

The Governor said the Administration is able to provide the refunds because of the government’s true belt-tightening measures, and that it is not just lip service.

“There are many commissioners presenting budgets this summer before the Senate Finance Committee that are considerably smaller than they would like, but we have made a conscious decision to put priority on paying down the past due debts of the Government of the Virgin Islands and will take every opportunity to continue to do so,” Governor Bryan said. “I want to thank the members of my financial team for their hard work during the unprecedented and uncertain times. The fiscal management of this government is truly in good hands.”